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Creating a business lunch catering menu that satisfies everyone’s tastes can be a challenge. After taking into account dietary restrictions and allergies, time constraints and potentially messy foods, it can feel like your only options are the same sandwiches and pasta salad you always order.

Looking for fresh lunch catering menu ideas? Get inspired with these unique business meeting menu upgrades.

Upgrade Your Sandwich and Wrap Options

Basing your menu around sandwiches and wraps doesn’t have to be boring. Upgrade your selection with artisan bread and innovative fillings paired with a variety of dips. Provide multiple mustard, hummus and other condiment options so your coworkers can personalize their meals.

Sandwiches and wraps make offering multiple vegetarian and vegan meal options hassle-free. Serve smaller sizes (halve or quarter sandwiches and wraps) so everyone can try a few of the upgraded options. Plus, no one will have to worry about trying to cut a full sandwich with a plastic knife.

Serve Lunch Bento Box-Style

Bento boxes provide nooks and crannies to fit sandwiches, side salads, fresh fruit and more in an easy-to-serve container. They’re perfect for a working lunch where efficiency matters! As long as there are plenty of options to choose from, your coworkers won’t mind not being able to choose each item on their plates separately. In a crowded space or carpeted room, bento boxes are great for keeping spills to a minimum.

Let Coworkers Customize Their Lunch

If your office is celebrating or coworkers have a few hours before they need to head back to their desks, consider a buffet-style setup with tons of toppings. You can let coworkers make their own sandwiches and build wraps exactly how they like them. Or, upgrade to a taco and nacho bar or customizable stir fry.

Add Satisfying Snacks

For business meetings that stretch into the afternoon, consider adding snacks to your catering menu. Avoid greasy chips and anything with a loud wrapper. Instead, provide easy to grab fresh fruit and bite sized vegetables. For a satisfying mix of salty and sweet, provide pretzels and popcorn with toppings like dark chocolate chips and peanuts.

Treat Your Employees to Upgraded Drinks

Go beyond standard pop options. Instead, serve a variety of fresh-squeezed juices, gourmet soda and high-end tea. Give your standard coffee bar a boost as well with locally roasted coffee paired with real creamers and flavor options.