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Planning a holiday party for your office is a huge task. Your coworkers are expecting an event that’s both fun and a good use of their time, which is likely limited during the holiday season. Use these ideas for a corporate holiday party that the office will be talking about for months!

Have the Party at Your Office

It doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds! Instead of asking for an evening of your employees’ time, spend an afternoon at the office celebrating the holidays. Exchange gifts, watch a movie and play games over a catered meal.

Make it Family Friendly

Busy parents are even busier during the weeks leading up to the holidays. Include kids in your party plan. Schedule your party for an afternoon when local schools aren’t in session but your office will be open. Kids can spend the morning at work with their parents before the fun starts.

For family-friendly fun, consider reserving ice time at a skating rink, screening a holiday movie, renting a bowling alley, decorating gingerbread houses or putting together a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood. Remember to make activities fun for everyone, regardless of if they have kids or not. If you’d rather stick with a more traditional cocktail party or sit-down dinner, hire child care providers to keep kids entertained during the event.

Include a Charity

Instead of a gift exchange, give to a charitable organization you all love. Donate toys, coats, nonperishable food and time to help others celebrate the holidays as well.

Make it Multicultural

Likely, your coworkers have lots of different holiday traditions, whether they were raised down the street or across the world. Encourage everyone to share a piece of their favorite traditions through their dress, an activity or part of your meal. Coordinate these contributions beforehand, so your party still feels like a party, rather than show-and-tell.

Build Your Team

Instead of a company holiday party, opt for a teambuilding activity. Consider a trip to a new museum exhibit, cooking or cocktail class, escape room or tickets to a hockey game.

Provide a Ride Home

Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays together, if there are drinks involved, make sure everyone can get home safely. Provide Uber or Lyft gift cards to your employees on their way out the door!