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For brides and grooms who aren’t in love with the idea of a tiered wedding cake but can’t quite imagine their big day without the traditional treat, there are lots of cake-based desserts to choose from. Wedding cakes can feel limiting to some couples, as they’re usually only a few flavors. A full-size cake also needs to be sliced by your venue or caterer’s staff, which adds time and expense to your reception.

Instead, couples are serving smaller, more customizable wedding cake alternatives. These itty-bitty desserts are still made of cake but give brides and grooms more flexibility when deciding flavors, décor and displays, as well as when and how to serve guests.

No matter how you treat your guest to dessert, you can always include a small cake so you can partake in the traditional cutting of the cake. Your cutting cake will also serve as a beautiful focal point on your dessert table.

Wedding Cupcakes

Over the last decade, cupcakes have become increasingly popular. Gourmet combinations of cake, filling and frosting flavors greet guests. Often, each flavor is decorated with its own palette of colors, liners and toppers that complement each other and the wedding’s décor for a stunning dessert table.

Wedding Cake Pops

While cupcakes are now considered an almost equal alternative to the traditional wedding cake, cake pops are a trendier substitute. Glitzy décor and ribbons tied around the pops’ handle are commonplace. Wedding cake pops are easy for guests to grab on their way to the dance floor, which could be a plus for couples who can’t wait to start partying the night away.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Serve each of your guests a teeny tiny wedding cake of their own, complete with all of the pretty accents your cutting cake has. Just like cupcakes and cake pops, these mini cakes make it easy to customize flavors and serve your family and friends.