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Hockey Birthday Party Ideas Fans of any Age will Love

By January 2, 2019No Comments

Hockey is serious business in Buffalo. What better way to celebrate a winter birthday than with a hockey birthday party? Let your guests know what to expect with hockey-themed invitations. Design postcard-sized invites to look like game tickets. You could also cut invitations to look like hockey jerseys and personalize them with the birthday kid’s name and age. For clever invites your guests can repurpose, fasten circles of paper with all the details on to hockey pucks. You can’t mail these, but they sure are cute!

Perhaps the easiest place to host a hockey-themed party is an ice rink, which comes with built in hockey décor and things to do. Here, you’ll be able to rent skates for anyone who doesn’t have their own. Kids (and adults) will love skating around, shooting pucks at the net and bumping into each other.

If you’ll be hosting your hockey birthday party at home, decorate with jerseys, foam fingers, your family’s favorite team’s colors and white tablecloths with colored duct tape marking the blue and red lines.

Keep food simple with the same items you would find at the arena’s concession stand. Hot dogs, popcorn and giant pretzels are all good ideas. Frost a circular cake black to create a hockey puck, or use white frosting on a rectangular cake and pipe on the blue and red lines.

A hockey birthday party gives you lots of game options. How about a jersey relay, or a faceoff that involves pool noodles instead of sticks and a beach ball rather than a puck? You can also try pin the puck on the ice, using the rules of pin the tail on the donkey, where the winner is the person to pin their puck closest to the goal. If you happen to have an air hockey table, there was never a better time to plug it in!