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Summer heat calls for light, refreshing desserts. No matter what event you’re hosting, be it a family cookout, corporate meeting, company picnic or elegant wedding, fresh, fruity desserts fit the bill.

Fruit desserts, from simple peaches and cream to delicate berry pies, are the perfect end to summer meals. Let these fresh fruit dessert ideas inspire your next warm weather event menu.

Simple Fruit Desserts

In the summer, fresh, locally grown fruit won’t need much help to be absolutely delicious. Keep dessert simple by pairing fresh, grilled, roasted or pureed fruits with whipped cream. Grilled peaches with cream, fresh berries with mascarpone cream and plums with coconut cream all make for a satisfying end to a summertime meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, top with a balsamic reduction or chocolate sauce and garnish with basil or mint.

Ice cream, shortcake, pound cake and biscuits also pair wonderfully with a warm berry compote, roasted apricots or nectarines, or cherries jubilee, which are flambeed to sweeten and deepen their flavor.

Sweet Sorbets

There is nothing more refreshing on a warm summer day than a cool fruit sorbet. Mango, raspberry, apricot and lemon all make for delicious sorbets. Strawberry ice cream, a classic option, can be dressed up with fresh fruit and basil on top.

For a unique summer fruit dessert, what about an elegant take on ice cream floats? Top vanilla ice cream with homemade peach or blueberry simple syrup. Or, cover lemon sorbet and fresh fruit with seltzer for a little bit of fizz.

Cakes, Crisps and Cobblers

Pies, tarts, cobblers and cakes can be modified to incorporate almost any summer fruit. Upside down cakes are delicious with plums or apricots. Blueberry, cherry and strawberry rhubarb pies are crowd-pleasing summer fruit desserts. Rustic tarts and cobblers can be made with blackberries, peaches, plums, blackberries and apricots, as well as almost any combination of these delicious summer fruits.

Fruity Family Fun

Fruit desserts can be just as kid-friendly as chocolate! These options are perfect for backyard barbecues, company picnics and casual weddings. Try adding raspberries or strawberries to s’mores for a fun twist. Berry or melon popsicles are great for really hot days. Create strawberry shortcake kebabs by layering strawberries and cake pieces onto skewers and popping them on the grill for a few minutes.