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Event space for small gatherings can be hard to find; most venues are designed for large scale events. Looking for the perfect spot to host just a few dozen people, whether for a work event or baby shower, is time consuming.

You may be forced to think outside the box, which can lead to memorable events that your guests will be talking about for years! To find a great space for your small event, consider hosting your party in a nontraditional venue, and put extra emphasis on details like food and music.

Consider Nontraditional Venues

Often, coffee shops and small businesses operate in beautiful buildings they’ve painstakingly restored and decorated. The business owners are likely willing to negotiate a fair rental price, especially if they’re generally closed during the time you would like to use their venue. These spaces are the perfect spot to host a happy hour, bridal shower or networking event!

Before settling on a small party venue, think about how your event will fit within the space. A smooth traffic flow, lots of windows letting in natural light and comfortable temperature are all very important in small spaces.

Emphasize the Details

You’re not inviting guests to a grand ballroom or outdoor venue surrounded by amazing views. Instead, emphasize small details and your guests will focus on how perfectly planned your small event is, instead of the limits of an intimate space.

Focus on the Menu

Both the food and how you’ll serve it deserve extra attention when hosting a small party. Sit down service may be a squeeze, so use surfaces throughout the space to serve your menu and avoid a long line or bottleneck in any one area of your venue. Choose easy-to-eat items that can be stacked on serving trays and pedestals so guests have adequate surfaces to set their plates and drinks.

Let Décor Do Double Duty

Décor is beautiful and adds ambiance to any event, but it can also take up a lot of room and be overwhelming in small spaces. Find pieces that complement your atmosphere with also serving a purpose: pillows that can be used as casual seating; a pretty cooler or bar car that can replace a full bar.

Set the Mood with Music

Make up for muted décor with music that helps set the tone of your event. Background tunes playing from high quality speakers. You can consider a DJ, or compile a playlist that’s more than long enough to play for the entirety of the party.