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As a host, you want to create a memorable event for your guests. Integrating the latest event technology trends into your celebration, conference or special occasion cultivates a special experience your guests won’t soon forget! Event technology can both decrease an event’s expense (great for wedding planning couples and nonprofit organizations) and increase attendance (excellent for fundraisers and corporate conferences).

Consider these technology trends when choosing a venue for your next event.


No matter what type of gathering you’re hosting, providing guests WiFi is a nice touch. With WiFi, your family can share ceremony photos from their iPad to Facebook before cocktail hour. Employees will immediately be Instagramming photos from the connected photobooth at your holiday party. Conference attendees won’t hesitate to participate in the Twitter or in-app polls your keynote speaker has planned.


If you have a hard time envisioning a space, event diagramming will be your favorite event technology trend. Event planners and venues can virtually rearrange a room to give you a better idea of how your event will look. This technology also allows hosts to see how a venue accommodates guests without traveling to preview the space.


Making an event accessible to people who can’t attend in person with live video is commonplace for industry conferences. Improving technology and venues’ increasing technical abilities makes livestreaming an option for smaller events as well. Remote employees can celebrate the end of a good year with the rest of your team. Relatives unable to travel to a destination wedding will still feel included.


There are a growing number of ways to capture the best moments of your event. Incorporate social media with an event hashtag and filters. Aerial footage from a drone and 360-degree video make couples feel like they’re reliving their wedding day and give companies excellent material for promoting their next event.


Bring technology into guests’ experience before they arrive. Make RSVPing or registering easy with a simple online form. When attendees arrive, the most innovative events will allow check-in via face ID. For a less obvious integration, use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology within guests’ badges and bracelets to streamline registration, purchases and push notifications.