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Adding well-planned lighting to an event space highlights architectural details of intricate venues and creates interest within large, open rooms. Event lighting helps photographers capture guests, provides focus towards a stage, head table or speaker, and defines spaces, such as the dance floor, walkways and bar.

These event lighting ideas will make your occasion memorable!

Classic Lighting

Up-lighting is a tried-and-true method for creating an inviting event space. The number of up-lights you’ll need depends on how big the room is, how much of the room you’re trying to illuminate and how concentrated you want the light to be.

Classic Edison-style bulbs are enjoying continued popularity as wedding lighting, as well as for other special events. These bulbs are available in many sizes and can be used in various fixtures: string lights, pendants, chandeliers and more.

Chandeliers have existed in a form similar to today’s styles for centuries, originally using candles as their light source. At modern events, you’ll see chandeliers that fit all styles of décor, from rustic iron to glitzy crystal. Chandeliers are excellent for highlighting a specific area of your event.

Futuristic Lighting

While classic event lighting continues to be popular, especially in ornate spaces, futuristic lighting is a growing trend. LED lights offer precise lighting in many colors; they’re more environmentally friendly as well. With LED lights, create a chandelier-like display of multi-colored bulbs reaching from the ceiling towards the head table. Line walls, walkways and the bar with LEDs.

Your event’s bar can be dressed up with other lighting as well. Consider adding up-lighting behind the bar or lighting the base of the bar so the light filters through bottles and glassware.

Personalized Touches

Your lighting elements can also help personalize your event. Project an initial or logo onto a wall or the dance floor during your wedding or corporate event. Growing in popularity is special event lighting that includes letters, whether individual marque-style letters or a custom neon sign.