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Treat guests to creative cookies at your next get together with a few easy upgrades to your favorite recipes! These gourmet cookies will only taste fancy; no extra shopping, mixing or baking is required.

Add to a Classic Recipe

Add a few extra mix ins to your favorite cookie recipes. For unique chocolate chip cookies, sprinkle in espresso powder, any kind of nut, or cinnamon. Potato chips and bacon make for a cookie that’s both sweet and salty, as well as a little crunchy. In the fall, pumpkin is a welcome addition to chocolate chip cookie dough.

Upgrade your favorite shortbread recipe to gourmet status with blueberries, matcha powder or lemon and basil. Almost any – and we mean any – kind of cookie can be topped with coarse sea salt before sliding them into the oven.

Recreate Another Dessert

Somehow cookie batter tastes better when baked into a large cake-like dessert. Why not turn other beloved desserts into fancy cookies too? Try brownie cookies, apple or pumpkin pie-inspired cookies, cookies that taste like Twix or baklava-like cookies!

Try Italian Cookies

While these may be commonplace in some families, others have to wait until the holiday season or a wedding to enjoy Italian cookies. Try your hand at some of the simpler Italian cookies, such as lemon drops, sesame cookies and ricotta drops. Your guests will thank you.

Add a Little Color

Color won’t make cookies taste better, but it sure does make them more fun! Color your frosting, dough or white chocolate chips with food coloring for a rainbow of creative cookies. Add multi-colored sprinkles right to your dough for cookies that will remind you of Funfetti cake.

Dip in Fondue

Make cookies gourmet without changing your recipe at all when you dip them in a waterfall of chocolate. Sugar, chocolate chip and brownie cookies are delicious paired with fondue. Another easy way to upgrade cookies after they’re out of the oven is with fancy frosting. Add chai, lavender, espresso, peanut butter, raspberry or any other flavor you think your guests will enjoy.