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Exceptionally large events pose logistical challenges. You will have to design a catering menu that appeals to each of your guests, as well as a floor plan that works for both guests and staff. Choosing a caterer with experience serving large groups will help your event go smoothly.

Work with your caterer to create an event that wows guests while keeping these tips in mind.

Provide a Variety of Dishes

Many guests translate to many culinary preferences. To serve hundreds or even thousands of guests, you may need to adjust your desired catering menu to suit everyone’s tastes. The dishes you serve should be varied and provide options that appeal to all your guests.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Accommodating food allergies and intolerances, as well as vegan and vegetarian individuals, is always a consideration when planning an event where food is served. Smaller guest lists make it possible to ask each individual about allergies; this is more difficult with a large party. When catering for a large group, there are likely more dietary restrictions to account for. Add dishes to your menu that appeal to those who don’t consume gluten, nuts, animal products and other common dietary restrictions.

Prepare for Your Guest List

Whether your guests list is made up of families, businesspeople or couples dictates your menu as well. Large groups that include kids will need a catering menu that includes options for picky eaters. For a gathering with a higher percentage of men, consider adding more protein-heavy dishes.

Contemplate Logistics

Catering for large groups can also pose a logistical challenge. You and your caterer will need to take into account how you will serve your menu to your guests, based on the venue’s layout and traffic patterns, as well as the dishes you’ve chosen.

Many Small Events

Think of your large event as many small events within the same venue. Serving food and drinks from multiple kitchens, bars and serving stations can help guests get what they want quickly. Your caterer’s staff will be able to keep serving trays filled without navigating through traffic so no one has to wait for their plate.

Top Notch Staff

When hosting an event with a large guest list, it’s easy to look for places to cut corners and save costs. Asking your caterer or venue to operate with a barebones staff is not a good way to do this. Quick food and drink service are essential for an event guests remember for all the right reasons.