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Hosting a corporate event requires detail-oriented planning. Ensuring attendees are comfortable as they learn about your company or industry is important. One way to keep participants engaged in your event is with a unique meeting venue.

6 Reasons to Look Beyond the Hotel Conference Room

Conference rooms and convention centers have long been go-to venues for corporate events. Make your meeting or conference stand out with a unique event venue.

Get Attendees Excited About Your Event

First and foremost, a cool meeting space will energize participants. A great location with unique details is an exciting change of pace for business people used to attending events in cookie-cutter spaces.

Capitalize on Photogenic Spaces

If one of the goals of your event is creating publicity for your company, a photographic space is a must-have. Beautiful views, good lighting and photogenic backdrops are great for both social media exposure and traditional press coverage.

Move Beyond the Suburbs

Conference centers are often located near airports and hotels. While this is convenient, it does not always create an ideal environment for your attendees. Ride sharing and other transportation make it possible to consider a lively downtown venue or unique rural setting to help participants get the most out of your meeting.

Highlight Historic Details

Beautiful spaces like Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo lend a sense of grandeur to any event. Grand entrances, sweeping staircases, high ceilings and detail-oriented architecture are wonderful conversation starters. Give attendees a brief history of your unique meeting venue and encourage them to explore.

Customize Your Venue’s Flow

Traditional meeting spaces often give you just a few layouts to choose from. Customize your space for a truly unique meeting that helps participants reach conference goals. While yoga mats are not practical for most corporate events, comfortable seating or standing desk options certainly are.

Provide Additional Entertainment

Many unique meeting venues are entertainment by nature: art galleries, theaters, multiuse buildings, resorts, etc. Inform guests what entertainment is located nearby and even reserve show tickets, restaurant tables or tee times.