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Finding the perfect venue for your sister, cousin or best friend’s baby shower can be a challenge. Consider how you’ll serve your guest of honor and other attendees food and drinks, accessibility and where your guests will be traveling from when choosing the perfect venue for your shower.

Guest List

Baby showers are just as unique as the families and friends that host them. Talk to the mom-to-be to decide who she would like to join her at her shower. Intimate gatherings, unisex parties and family reunion-style get togethers are all options to consider.

The number of people you’re expecting will influence the other facets of baby shower planning.


Deciding on a location for the baby shower venue is easy if the majority of guests live within Western New York. For moms-to-be with family and friends scattered across the state or country, consider venues with convenient overnight accommodations and things to do nearby.


Take into account family members with physical limitations and the comfort of the guest of honor when choosing a hall. Venues downtown with small lots or street parking may not be an option.

Catering Selection

The food and drinks you serve your guests are one of the most important elements of party planning. Some venues require you to serve from their menus, while others allow you to select a caterer of your choice.

A simple theme can inspire a dinner, drink and dessert menu that wows guests. Your caterer has likely served hundreds of showers in dozens of venues, so they’re an excellent resource for planning how to accommodate your guests.


In Buffalo, weather can be unpredictable no matter the time of year. A baby shower venue with indoor and outdoor space makes planning less stressful and gives you more flexible space for food, games and gifts.