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Buffalo Foods You Have to Add to Your Wedding Menu

By March 27, 2019No Comments

For Western New York natives, adding Buffalo flair to their wedding menu is second nature. These classic Buffalo foods help couples add a touch of home to their reception, whether it’s taking place in WNY or across the country. Famous Buffalo foods, from classic wings to Paula’s Donuts, can be upgraded to be part of your main course or shine as your late-night snack.

Classic Buffalo Flavors

You may be able to get these foods other places, but they’re just not the same! Upgrade the classic flavors of beef on weck to a main dish of filet of sirloin, caraway potato puree, creamed spinach and horseradish sauce. After hours on the dance floor, treat your guests to wings, bite-sized chicken finger subs or beef on weck sliders with plenty of blue cheese for dipping. Then, wash it all down with Loganberry.

Send your wedding guests home with Buffalo flavor with edible favors. Sponge candy is a great idea for both local fans of the sweet treat and out-of-town guests who’ve never enjoyed it.

Locally Made Favorites

Everywhere has chip dip, donuts and ice cream, but not like Buffalo. Add locally made ice cream from Perry’s, Lake Effect Ice Cream or other vendors to your dessert table. Donuts from Paula’s or bite-sized Timbits are also delicious additions. Keep your late-night menu simple with chips and Buffalo’s favorite dip: Bison’s French Onion Dip.

Your Favorite Buffalo Vendors

Add a course to your wedding menu highlighting your favorite local eatery. You could also choose a restaurant that represents your relationship, whether it’s the pizza place around the corner from your first apartment or the food truck you hunt down together.