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The donut wall trend is still gracing weddings this autumn, which is excellent news for donut-loving brides and grooms. There are plenty of ways to dress a donut wall display with fall flavor. Muted colors and classic harvest ingredients replace the neon frostings and fruity donuts of the spring and summer for couples creating fall donut walls.

Rather than a collection of donuts decorated with brightly colored sprinkles, autumn calls for donuts topped with glaze and muted or jewel-toned frostings. While it may seem boring, glaze offers you many flavors to choose from, including chocolate, maple, cinnamon and caramel. If you opt for a small collection of different glazes and frostings, keep colors from varying too much. A monochromatic look adds sophistication to your dessert table.

Donuts and coffee are the perfect pair. On a chilly October evening, guests will love other hot drinks to pair with their donuts as well. Hot apple cider and hot chocolate are unique options that help bring out the delicious fall flavors of your donuts. Plenty of tea options, including a few spicy or fall-flavored varieties, should also be part of your offerings.

Your fall donut wall can be blended seamlessly into your décor. Soften the display with greenery, flowers, doilies behind the donuts and soft lighting.

Donut walls don’t have to just be for weddings. After your nuptials, repurpose your peg board display for fall birthday parties, Friendsgiving and holiday brunches!

Fall Donut Wall Flavors

Almost any fall flavor can be incorporated into a delicious donut. Pumpkin spice, caramel apple and maple bacon make for unique donuts guests will love paired with a hot drink. Of course, chocolate, sour cream and cinnamon donuts are always in season. Mix and match classic options with unique fall flavors for a donut wall every guest at your autumn wedding will love.

Add these fall flavors to your donut display:

  • Apple cider donuts
  • Brown butter donuts
  • Caramel apple donuts
  • Maple bacon donuts
  • Pumpkin spice donuts
  • Vanilla chai donuts