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Brunch is a constantly evolving meal that continues to gain popularity throughout the country. Work events, bridal showers, baby showers and even weddings are choosing to serve a brunch-based menu instead of the more traditional lunch or dinner.

There are endless items to choose from when planning a brunch catering menu. Everything from standard French toast, oatmeal and omelets to creative takes on breakfast from around the world is fair game.

One element of a brunch catering menu open for interpretation is dessert. Focus on savory items for your appetizer and main courses, like quiche, seasonal salads, parfaits, and an oatmeal, omelet, crepe or biscuit bar. This way, guests will be ready for a sweet treat to end the meal.

Treat your guests to one, two or even three of these dessert ideas and they’ll be wishing every event they attended served brunch!

Itty Bitty Pastries

Cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones and Danishes all deserve a place on your brunch catering menu. Let guests pick and choose from a wide variety of options after finishing their main course. These bite sized desserts are easy for event staff to keep well-stocked throughout the remainder of your event for anyone who needs a small snack.

Colorful Donut Display

One of the trendiest brunch dessert options is a donut display. Hang dozens of donuts in all your favorite flavors decorated to match your event’s color palate. Your dessert instantly becomes both part of your décor and easy to serve.

Classic Coffee Cake

End your brunch menu with a classic combination: coffee and streusel-topped coffee cake. Splurge on freshly roasted coffee varieties made to order for your guests. Pair with fresh, warm coffee cake drizzled with icing.

Well Stocked Waffle Bar

Remind your guests to save extra room for dessert and recreate the waffle bars of Belgium at your event. Let guests top warm waffles with ice cream, sauces, chocolate and sprinkles. This dessert is sure to be a brunch menu favorite among guests!