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Decorating a corporate event is a challenge.

Depending on your company’s culture and structure, events can range from a small picnic for families of all ages to formal dinners celebrating hundreds of employees’ accomplishments throughout the year. Guest lists and day-of agendas are different for each.

No matter the event, you’re probably aiming for décor that is both sophisticated and cost-effective, professional and fun. These corporate function decorating ideas will help you create a space that employees are excited about.

Create a Welcoming Space

Large guest lists require large spaces. Walking into these vast, high-ceilinged rooms can feel a bit intimidating. To soften conference rooms and event halls, use small tables that encourage conversation among coworkers. Combat harsh lighting with draped fabric, temporary fixtures and candles. String lights are especially appropriate for outdoor events and holiday parties.

One of the best ways to create a welcoming space for your corporate event is to invest in extra staff members. Ensuring guests are served food and drinks promptly, don’t have to wait at the coat check and have a well-stocked restroom go a long way towards making employees glad they came.

Choose a Sophisticated Color Palette

The colors that make your logo stand out from competitors may be a little overwhelming when used throughout a large venue. Instead pick complementary neutral tones for the majority of décor and save your company’s iconic colors for accents.

Black and white, creams or metallics (silver, gold or chrome) all make for beautifully decorated spaces appropriate for a business event.

Go for Greenery over Florals

Adding live plants can help add dimension to centerpieces and place settings. However, flowers can appear unprofessional and trigger allergies. Instead, opt for soft greenery that steals the show without breaking the budget.

Dedicate a Space for Photos

Decking out your business meeting with a photo backdrop may seem excessive; for some events, it may be. However, having a dedicated space with a logo-covered backdrop and/or themed accessories encourages your employees to take and share images. This is a great brand-booster that may even land you some press coverage.