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Choosing to eliminate alcohol from your party keeps your menu healthier and often reduces the overall cost of your event. Cocktail hour can be just as fun with without booze; guests won’t even miss the alcohol when you add pretty details and focus on unique flavors!

Dress up the non-alcoholic party drinks at your summer baby shower, corporate event or rehearsal dinner with these cute upgrades.

Sparkling Spritzers

There are plenty of fun alternatives to champagne or sparkling wine for your non-alcoholic mixed drinks. Instead of the usual lemon lime soda, use seltzer water and club soda add light, refreshing fizz to mocktails. For a more distinct flavor, try ginger ale or sparkling cider. Of course, sparkling grape juice is always an option as well.

Fresh Fruit

For fruity mocktails, add a few fruit garnishes for extra flavor and color. Incorporating fruit is easy. It will add to your drinks whether muddled, sliced or slipped onto the rim of your drinking glasses.

Go beyond lemon and lime to wow guests. Try muddling berries or melon. You can freeze grapes to keep drinks cold without watering them down. Oranges, grapefruit and starfruit look beautiful thinly sliced. Kiwi and pears are unexpected garnishes that add to other fruit flavors.

Pretty Presentation

Start with dispensers that are both fun and practical. Then, choose serving glasses that complement your mocktails and the event you’re serving them at. Copper Moscow mule mugs, stemless wine glasses, mason jars or even hollowed melons and pineapples may all be options.

Add to your fruit garnish with a rim dipped in cinnamon sugar, lime sugar, salt and chili powder, or another combination that complements your drinks.

When used as garnishes, fresh herbs add a subtle flavor to mocktails. Mint, basil, rosemary, thyme and lavender all make for pretty, tasty garnishes.